Special Convention Sofia 2015

Almost a week has already past from the special moments that we had the chance to share last weekend in Sofia, but a thousand years may past and we will never forget you dear brothers and sisters.

It was a time of joy and happiness. A time of strengthening our faith by receiving all spiritual gifts that Jehovah blessed us with, and encouraging one another being close together worshiping the Creator of all things. Hebrews 10.24,25

We saw one more time the worldwide family that we are part of and the unity that no other nation has. Unity it's not just a word for us but a real thing. When you see peoples of all kind of nations. colours, size and shapes that had never seen eachother before, smiling each other, hugging each other, taking pictures together and starting from that moment to be friends, that's Jehovah's people! That it's a taste of the new world when all creation from heavens and from earth will live together in harmony serving Jehovah.

We dont have enough words for thanking Jehovah for letting us to be part of that spiritual Paradise and for thanking you all dear brothers and sisters for the time that we spent together, singing together, praising together and rendering sacred service to Jehovah together.

We don't know for sure when we will be able to see eachother but for sure we can't wait for that moment, and for the time when all things will be new and we will feel like this every day!

Until then we will never stop loving you, keep mentioning you in our prayers and serving side by side with you our loving father Jehovah!

To get all the pictures that we did together at this special event please write an email at the email adress that I gave to you on my bussiness card and I will send them to you.
Please keep these pictures just for personal use.

Thank you!

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